Monday, June 4, 2012

dining in phoenix

i'm back from vacation now and slowly getting back into the swing of things...  which includes many new blog posts!

while we were in phoenix for a mini 1-day road trip, we wanted to find a vegan restaurant near where we were staying for dinner.  we were exhausted from driving, and Loving Hut was close by!  (we go to Loving Hut near us quite often, but each location has a different menu and it is fun to see what they have to offer!)  we were the only people in the restaurant, but the service was excellent and speedy!

no one else in the restaurant... how sad. but quiet and peaceful for us!
 delicious vegan food!
 super yummy cranberry soy drink and orange soy drink (just like i make at home)
of course the meal is not complete without brown rice!


  1. I love rice so much, to to much :).

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  2. Phoenix, AZ? That's kinda far for a road trip from Santa Clara, isn't it? Make your next road trip to Eugene, and I'll give you a tour of our many thrift stores! We have a Buffalo Exchange within walking distance, though I've never been there.

    1. it WAS a far drive (with a stop in la). arneil got a groupon for the hotel in phoenix... we definitely will be coming up to eugene though. just need to figure out where we can fit it in! :)

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