Sunday, May 27, 2012

thrifting in phoenix

sorry for the brief hiatus from blogging... i've been on vacation!  i actually still am on vacation, but i have so many things to post, i figured i would make a quick update!

a week ago i went on a long weekend road trip to phoenix with the hubby.  oh my gosh, it was SO HOT there.  it was over 105 both days we were there!  ridiculous!

anyways, i found this AWESOME thrift store called Buffalo Exchange (the actually have several locations, so look it up).  we had a great time shopping there--they had an excellent selection!

i loved this dress... and bought it!  it has such a cute chicken pattern, and i love the color!
 we thought this was cool--they donated any used furs brought in to provide bedding for orphaned and injured wildlife!

i found SO many awesome things at this store, and you will certainly see them all in future posts!  in the mean time, check out Buffalo Exchange and see if there are any in your area!