Monday, May 7, 2012

this one's for the dogs

we made a quick trip to T.J. Maxx this past weekend just to see what was new.  i was looking for some new workout outfits and equipment, but got distracted looking at the clothing... meanwhile, the husband wandered over to the new pet section.  once we caught up again, he showed me all the wonderful things he found.  the thing i got most excited about were these wonderful *vegan* dog treats!  i couldn't believe my eyes!  they had VEGAN dog treats at T.J. Maxx!  beyond excited.  i was SO excited that i decided to let the dogs have a little taste test as soon as we got home!

look at the intensity in her eyes!

these treats smelled so incredibly amazing, i decided to try one myself!  and they were GOOD!  overall, this was an amazing purchase... i did forget to go look at the workout stuff though. oh well.


  1. ...they really do look yummy!...I'll have to try and find some for Jack...

    Have a lovely day!

  2. aawwr, so cute dogs. and the cookies look delicous! :D

    Love, Becky