Sunday, May 27, 2012

thrifting in phoenix

sorry for the brief hiatus from blogging... i've been on vacation!  i actually still am on vacation, but i have so many things to post, i figured i would make a quick update!

a week ago i went on a long weekend road trip to phoenix with the hubby.  oh my gosh, it was SO HOT there.  it was over 105 both days we were there!  ridiculous!

anyways, i found this AWESOME thrift store called Buffalo Exchange (the actually have several locations, so look it up).  we had a great time shopping there--they had an excellent selection!

i loved this dress... and bought it!  it has such a cute chicken pattern, and i love the color!
 we thought this was cool--they donated any used furs brought in to provide bedding for orphaned and injured wildlife!

i found SO many awesome things at this store, and you will certainly see them all in future posts!  in the mean time, check out Buffalo Exchange and see if there are any in your area!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Vintage and Thrift Store Finds

i absolutely love going vintage and thrift store shopping!  i wish i could do it more often, but we don't have a good enough selection of shops close to where i live.  here are some of my latest finds that you can expect to see in future blog posts.

 look at those vibrant colors!  so tropical!
 pastel vintage bracelets!
 more vintage jewelry!
sweet vintage scarabs!

the hubby and i are going on a mini vacation this weekend, and i plan on hitting up so sweet vintage and thrift stores while we are away!  so excited!  i can't wait to show you all what i find!

Friday, May 11, 2012

going vegan!

i'm all about sustainable fashion and finding beautiful vegan-friendly options, and i must say i get a little giddy when stores i love come out with a vegan or eco-friendly line!  new from Free People (one of my absolute faves!)

they have new vegan shoes!  and if you search vegan on their site they also have vegan leather jackets, vests, and pants.  how cool is that?!?!  go ahead, check it out:  vegan fashion from Free People

i must say i do LOVE these shoes

these shorts are SUPER cute!

and this jacket is sweet!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

eco-friendly nail polish remover

i love nail polish and all the fun ways i can decorate my nails!  it is a great way to express yourself!  since it seems like i am always doing my nails i needed to find a vegan and eco-friendly nail polish remover.  this is what i found:
i use an old face cloth to remove my polish.  no need for cotton balls that produce so much waste!

i love sparitual!  i have several nail polishes by the same brand.  they are excellent quality, plus i get them from a wholesale site at a great price!  i love this nail polish remover because it doesn't have that horrible odor that most have... in fact it smells pretty decent!  and it leaves your nails smelling like italian red mandarin when you are done!  

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

peachy green

i had so much fun designing my purple rain shoe...  i went ahead and designed one more!  here is peachy green!  (yeah, i realize that it is more pink than peachy... but i couldn't help myself, i loved the name i came up with!)

purple rain

hey guys!  check out the shoe i designed on!  as you can see, i am loving purple right now!  i call this shoe purple rain.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

how does your garden grow, pt. 3

the garden is growing and well on its way to producing yummy organic veggies for us to consume!  this is just so exciting!  i LOVE growing our own food, and i can't wait until we have a larger space to grow our veggies.

 our garden
 close up of my garden babies
 our beets are growing strong!
 the garden beans are growing tall


we are thinking about growing more veggies in our other garden bed, but we haven't planned anything out yet.  i'm hoping to figure that out by this weekend so we can get going on it.  

happy gardening everyone!

Monday, May 7, 2012

this one's for the dogs

we made a quick trip to T.J. Maxx this past weekend just to see what was new.  i was looking for some new workout outfits and equipment, but got distracted looking at the clothing... meanwhile, the husband wandered over to the new pet section.  once we caught up again, he showed me all the wonderful things he found.  the thing i got most excited about were these wonderful *vegan* dog treats!  i couldn't believe my eyes!  they had VEGAN dog treats at T.J. Maxx!  beyond excited.  i was SO excited that i decided to let the dogs have a little taste test as soon as we got home!

look at the intensity in her eyes!

these treats smelled so incredibly amazing, i decided to try one myself!  and they were GOOD!  overall, this was an amazing purchase... i did forget to go look at the workout stuff though. oh well.

Friday, May 4, 2012

floral obsession

i am obsessed with floral patterns.  it's not even funny.  they make me feel romantic and feminine... oh, i love florals!  so, of course this sweatshirt is one of my faves!  i paired it with a comfy pair of jean shorts and some gladiator sandals as it was a warm evening.

 hubby wanted me to pose next to the flowers... i told him that was a cheesy pose, so i did this.
sweatshirt - urban outfitters / ring - amrita singh / old jean shorts and old sandals

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

let's go for a hike!

this past weekend we went on a hike in the foothills with one of our old friends.  it was a peaceful, gentle hike.  the weather was simply beautiful!  there wasn't a cloud in the sky, and it was in the 70's!  just perfect!  we found a banana slug (second time in my life), a super cute caterpillar, and a rattlesnake (first time seeing one in the wild).  we even got to hear the rattle of the rattlesnake thanks to a couple other hikers that got a little too close to it!

afterwards we went downtown to try out a new cafe.  Lyfe Kitchen.  i got a vegan chicken sandwich and a very berry smoothie.  yum!  hubby got a vegan burger and a mango smoothie.  also, yum!  oh, and our food came with side salads as well!  lovely cafe.

my blurry sandwich, but you can kinda see all the yummy goodness inside!