Wednesday, May 2, 2012

let's go for a hike!

this past weekend we went on a hike in the foothills with one of our old friends.  it was a peaceful, gentle hike.  the weather was simply beautiful!  there wasn't a cloud in the sky, and it was in the 70's!  just perfect!  we found a banana slug (second time in my life), a super cute caterpillar, and a rattlesnake (first time seeing one in the wild).  we even got to hear the rattle of the rattlesnake thanks to a couple other hikers that got a little too close to it!

afterwards we went downtown to try out a new cafe.  Lyfe Kitchen.  i got a vegan chicken sandwich and a very berry smoothie.  yum!  hubby got a vegan burger and a mango smoothie.  also, yum!  oh, and our food came with side salads as well!  lovely cafe.

my blurry sandwich, but you can kinda see all the yummy goodness inside!


  1. Banana slug, neat. I love that you showed your lunch. I remember whenever you went on vacation in tweenhood you would recount as much detail about what you ate as anything you did. :)


    Video I got in my inbox yesterday about worm-composting. (same guy I sent you the blue, paper book by once)