Thursday, June 21, 2012

oh, it is love

one of my favorite things is to go to thrift stores!  you never know what you might find!  what can be even more fun is to go to a thrift store that charges by the pound.  i feel like a treasure hunter in search of that perfect piece of clothing or beautiful fabric.

i found this skirt while digging through the bins at a goodwill outlet.  i loved the vibrant colors and the tropical pattern.  i had to have it.  the only problem was that it had a hole in it...

lucky for me, the hole was right on the seam!  simple to fix!  all i needed to do was sew that seam right up, and tada! all fixed!

i decided that this skirt worked much better as a dress, all i needed to do was add a belt around the waist.  it was perfect to wear while we were in hawaii.  i even got compliments on it!  this is definitely one of my fave summer dresses!  so comfy, lightweight, and totally unique!

 at the kalalau lookout
 napali coast behind us
 on the hanapepe swinging bridge
thrifted dress / jean jacket - h&m


  1. You are so right! It is awesome as a dress!

    ~Have a lovely day!