Wednesday, April 25, 2012

how does your garden grow, pt. 2

about a month ago our seedlings were good and ready to be planted in our garden bed.  this is one of my favorite parts about growing our own food because i LOVE to get my hands dirty in the garden!  i love to run my fingers through the soil.  it is marvelous!

seedlings ready to be planted

garden bed ready for all our new veggies

in the seedlings go!

everything is planted, and we created our own little critter barrier to protect the seedlings while they are still small!

and thus our garden is on its way to producing delicious and nutritious veggies!


  1. Cool! The critter barrier is a good idea. Did you repurpose something or was it sold for that express purpose? What did you plant?!

  2. hey hope! yes, we repurposed some old metal shelves from our college days to make the critter barrier. we also use them to enclose our guinea pig habitat! im trying to remember everything we planted... green beans, broccoli, turnips, beets, borage, radicchio, spinach... there might be some more, i don't remember. :) some of the plants didn't make it though...

  3. Cool! We have some plates that have a bunch of different herbs/greens on them, and one of them is borage. I'd never heard of it before. What's it like? I didn't realize you had a blog until you put the link on Facebook just in the last couple days! Do you know I have one as well? It's

  4. I havent actually been able to harvest any borage yet. I tried to grow some last year... but nothing survived. I know you are supposed to be able to eat the leaves... and it makes a pretty, fuzzy blue flower (our neighbors have some growing)... now i shall go check out your blog!

  5. The critter barrier is indeed a great idea! We just put in some lettuce this week. After seven years waiting for my husband to get around to building flower beds, I finally just cracked and put them in pots.